The overall vision of the ENRICH program is to work with the poor to create an enabling environment for them to achieve a humanly dignified living standard and enjoy universal human rights. It includes health, education, special credit scheme, sports and culture. BASA is implementing ENRICH Programme since May 2014

Under the Health component BASA is providing comprehensive primary health care services to all households in Kapasia and Rayed Union Gazipur. Each house is visited at least once a month by a health visitor to collect health related information about all its members. The collected information and data are recorded in the household health card and also entered into a computer database established for the purpose.

The field work is supervised by health officer. The health officer conducts static clinics in the program office every day to attend to patients usually advised by health visitors to go there.

For patients who need further treatment are advised to visit the satellite clinics held once a week in each word with MBBS doctors attending to patients there.

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