The Samriddhi program which is also referred to as Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor House holds Towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH), is an integrated development program being implemented by BASA since 2014 in partnership with Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). Samriddhi is currently implemented in Durgapur Union under KAPASIA, GAZIPUR. The program has a unique and inclusive approach to integrating an entire community, focusing mainly on health, education, and youth development activities, along with income generation, to sustainable strengthen the capacity.


Samriddhi ensures comprehensive primary healthcare services for all households in the Durgapur area. Currently 18 Shastho Shebikas and a health assistant provide door-to-door healthcare services. With support of the health team 716 satellite clinics are arranged at the union level so far. Where MBBS doctor provides diagnostic support free of cost. Health Camps (general & specialized) are also organized in the area each year. Usually specialist doctors attend these camps to provide diagnosis services. Serious patients identified from these camps are referred to different public as well as private hospitals and clinics.


The program addresses the drop-out of children from primary level education 50 have been established at the unions under this program where 1287 are getting help with their home tasks without paying any tuition fees. Director BASA, attending workshop on Teacher’s valuation Under Enrich Program, Durgapur, kapasia, Gazipur. International Literacy day Participated Enrich staff of BASA, Durgapur,kapasia, Gazipur.
Depending on the school time the education center usually starts in the afternoon and continues for 2 hours. Children are not only helped with their studies but also assisted in extra-curricular activities such as recitation of poems, dance, singing etc. Also, the children are treated in a friendly manner.

Youth Development

Youth development activity has been specially designed to help inculcate human and social values among the youth and open up employment opportunities for them. Efforts are made to create both self-employment and wage or salary based employment opportunities, and also to raise awareness against social problems (such as violence against women, dowry and drugs) and in favor of ethics, minority and fairness.
Under the program, various types of skill training is being provided to the youth. which are mobile phone servicing; radio repairing; television & computer servicing; electric house-wiring; fitting and servicing of industrial electric works; servicing of refrigerators & air conditioners; diesel, petrol & generator mechanic; tailoring; plumbing & pipe fittings; computer application; driving; electric fan, motor & transformer rewiring; food & beverage preparation (shef); food and beverage service; apparel merchandising; housekeeping; pattern making, cutting & grading. From July 2016 to date BASA organized 9 batches. Total number of trainees 270.

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