BASA Foundation a Non-Government Development Organization established in 20th Sep, 1991 registered under Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (Reg No. S-1423(57)/91) on 12th Oct, 1991, registered under NGO Affairs Bureau (Reg No. 622) on 1st Jun, 1992 and under Bangladesh Bank, Microfinance Regulatory Authority, MRA (Reg No. 0000046) on 5th Sep, 2007 having its Registered office at House # 42, Road # 01, Priyanka Runway City, Baunia Dhaka 1230 represented by its Executive Director, Mr. A. K. M Shirajul Islam. BASA works in diversified fields of sustainable development, poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor (particularly women) through the provision of micro-finance services supported by a wide array of other development programmes. On the other hand, Aadi Enterprise Ltd is a sister concern of BASA Foundation. Executive Director of BASA is the present Chairman of Aadi Enterprise Ltd. BASA’s Present Chairman Md. Bodiuzzaman is the Director of Aadi Enterprise Ltd. Mr A.K.M Saiful Islam is the Managing Director of Aadi Enterprise Ltd. with Four other directors namely A.K.M Shariful Islam, Dr. Samina Islam, Mr. Akhteruzzaman, Mr. Muhammad Rezaul Karim.


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To create a positive and sustainable specific change in the lives of the potential consumers, particularly women, traders and persons to be supported by various social media platforms and technical support.


Prime objective of Aadi Enterprise Ltd. is to develop the earning capacity and conditions of the targeted beneficiaries through implementing and using utilized resources, participation in fundamental activities.

Strategic Goals

1. Creation of Income opportunities for the poor & farmers
2. Providing to basic social services such as health, education and nutrition.
3. Sustainable management of the Business Motivation from the impact of seasonal change.
4. Development of competent staff trough skill development and capacity building.

Aadi Enterprise Ltd. has few existing products along with the Honey Processing and they are Nuts, Essential Oil, Spicy, Dal, Oil (Mustard), Rice, Ghee, Compost, Honey Equipment, Aadi Enterprise Ltd. are also planning to buy few Combine Harvester Machineries. These are mainly, Half Feeding, Combine Harvester, Full Feeding Combine Harvester, Rice Transplanter, Maize Cutting Bar and others. The main theme is to provide the farmers of Bangladesh the best machineries that will be useful for their Irrigation purpose and Cultivation of crops. Moreover, BASA Foundation brought Honey Processing Machine, Honey Minipac Machine, Comb foundation Machine and Honey Extractor Machines from China through Aadi Enterprise Ltd. Lastly the Combine Harvester Machines as well as the Rice Transplanters are being brought to Bangladesh through Aadi Enterprise Ltd. On behalf of Aadi Enterprise Ltd, BASA takes all financial liabilities. Moreover, any kind of financial needs of Aadi Enterprise, BASA Foundation provides loan to them and dividend that earns are then used on the benefit of the beneficiaries of short listed with a view to give Government subsidy against purchasing farm machinery to the interested farmers group” In this connection, BASA will share its financial and any other obligations.

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