Farmer Training on “Postharvest and Primary Processing”

The main goal of the project is to contribute to Bangladesh's agriculture smallholders, responsiveness and competitiveness in high value crops (HVC) production and marketing of fresh and/or processed products. The objective is to increase farmer income and livelihood through demand-led productivity growth, diversification, and marketing in a changing climatic condition. In order to achieve the goals and objectives of the project, different types of training, national and international research and foreign exposure visit are included in the Development Project Plan (DPP) to enhance the capacity of the management team.

The objective of the training is to enhance the capacity of farmers in postharvest management and primary processing of high value crops. Keeping in line with this broad objective, BASA Foundation is doing following activities.

Developing training manual (both Bangla and English) on postharvest and primary processing of high value crops and get approved from DAM and Project Officials.
conducting training to farmers at project areas based on training manual by ensuring experienced resource persons and including DAM officials.
Identifying the need of the farmers and redesign, if necessary, the training modules to best serve the farmer queries.
assisting farmers in processing IIVCs practically and encourage entrepreneurship
1. Advising the farmers and agricultural business personnel to improve the existing marketing system, identify the problems and offer solutions to develop
2. Conducting the training with different stakeholders such as farmers' businessmen, consumers, DAM officials, etc. It may work in a diverse range of agricultural product marketing such as vegetables, cereals, fruits…

Image Gallery of Postharvest and Primary Processing