Water Credit Adoption (WCAD) Model

Under this pilot programme, BASA will disburse 10,000 Water/Sanitation Service Loan (WSS) under 9 regions to reach 45,000 people which include water products e.g shallow hand tube well, deep tube well, submersible pump, water filter. household connection and sanitation products e.g ring slab latrine, offset pit latrine, toilet with septic tank etc under the core microfinance programme of BASA. Water and sanitation combined loan product options in specific context may also be applicable. BASA will also provide technical support to borrowers to install in proper way and maintain water and sanitation sources during program operational period. In order to create the awareness among the beneficiaries’ series of demand creation activities will also be organized. Capacity building trainings including orientation, training need assessment, universal module development and TOT on WCAD model for the BASA managerial staff and training to BASA Branch staff will be organized.