Project Name :

Ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods of smallholder farmers through beef fattening and dairy value chain enterprise in Belkuchi, Sirajgonj

 Under this project, BASA has taken following steps:

Micro-creditprograms for beef fattening and cow rearing in the project area are given.Regarding the Goat as well as poultry rearing , a special gift scheme has beenintroduced, where, farmers receives Tk.4500/ ( thousand five hundred taka) fora goat or poultry rearing.  After sixmonths the first receiver will donate one goat or poultry of the said amount toanother person. In this way the process will go on so that one can have anearning source from that particular gift.

NewPractice / Change approach: Under this project, a cooperative society named“Agradut Women Cooperative Society” has been formed where various groups likemarketing, selling etc has been formed. Through these groups, farmers can saletheir product to the target customers or selling their products at good marketprice.          

Project area :

Belkuchi, Sirajgonj

Project Duration :

Nov 2010 Till date.

Project Partner :

Heifer international Bangladesh

Backgroundof the Project:

Livestocksector particularly the dairy sub-sector provides significant opportunity forincome generation and livelihood improvement of the rural mass. There have beenwonderful scopes for dairy rearing, dairy product development where largenumber of people may find employment. Small and marginal farmers across thecountry with particular emphasis to the Char lands may find alternative windowsfor rearing dairy cattle. Due to huge production deficiency per consumptionrequirement in Bangladesh, the dairy sub-sector promotion appears to be one ofthe most potential areas of future intervention for ensuring food security,nutrition, and poverty alleviation and import substitution to meet the demandand supply gap. To understand the prevailing value chain and potential forgrowth of the dairy sub-sector. 


Themain objective of project is to ensure livelihoods, market system developmentthrough applying value chain approach, improve socio-economic condition andreduce protein deficiency. Under this project, the beneficiaries have beenselected from different groups of Micro and Small enterprise as well asfarmers. BASA provides various training and evaluate the impact of thosetraining on the trained farmers. Based on the report, BASA made a short list ofbeneficiaries who need more support & help. Updates of the beneficiariesare taken in 15 days interval for each training. BASA monitor the activitiesabout all participants at field level and listen to their problems regularlyand provide them solutions consulting experts. 

Outcome of the Project:

Atotal of 38,018 beneficiaries (farmer) have been covered under this projectover the period.

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b) Gazipur : Gazipur Sadar, Sreepur, Kaliganj and Kapasia.
c) Sirajganj : Ullapara. d) Khulna : Kaira. e) Narayanganj : Sonargaon.
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2 Ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods of smallholder farmers through beef fattening and dairy value chain enterprise in Belkuchi, Sirajgonj Belkuchi, Sirajgonj Nov 2010 Till date. Heifer international Bangladesh View

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