Project Name :

Health Care Programme

Increase poor people’s access to safe water and sanitary latrines.

  • Raise the awareness of people on HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse.
  • Provide health education on various health related issues.  

Project area :

Industrial area, Gazipur, Mirzapur, (Central region of Dhaka) Srimongol (Moulavibazar)

Project Duration :

2001 until present

Project Partner :

BASA Health Fund (source: income from micro-credit schemes)

Awarenessraising and assistance on access to basic health services is the focus ofintervention of BASA's Health Program. Awareness-raising campaigns are done onvarious healths related issues such as child and mother care especially healthcare education for pregnant woman, HIV/AIDS, Hygiene and drug addiction/abuse.Safe drinking water and Sanitation are also covered under this program. Apartfrom these, BASA is also working towards facilitating peoples' access to basichealth services.  Health education isintegrated in the micro-finance program particularly during the training ofbeneficiaries and various discussion meeting with them. 

In line with MDGs with respect to reverse the spreadof diseases, especially HIV/AIDS and Malaria, BASA has beenworking for creating mass awareness about the menace of HIV/AIDS since 2001.

ImplementationDetails: This campaign program is being carried out along with BASA'smicro-finance programme.  The number ofdrug abusers taking injecting drugs i.e. heroine, pethedine, morphine, T.D injesec etc. is increasing theneedles used are shared by the abusers. This needle sharing by the drug abusersis also responsible for spreading of deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS,Hepatitis-B,C etc.  BASA's Anti drugprogramme therefore attach importance in awareness raising on HIV/AIDS also.

BASA has organized a number ofseminars, workshops on HIV/AIDS in Tongi, Gazipur, Mirzapur, Srimongol, andMoulavibazar in collaboration with Govt. Health Department, local NGOs andcommunity leaders. In these workshops experts in the fields of HIV/AIDS areinvited to present papers and educative materials for the audience. BASA alongwith some other leading NGOs in the country namely Democracy Watch, Stepstowards Developments, Bangladesh National Women's Lawyers Association (BNWLA)etc. has formed a National Advocacy Group to carry out a long term advocacyprogram on HIV/AIDS with the support of Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO).  As part of these programme workshops on theissue has been organized in Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi and Dhaka where BASAis playing a leading role.  

1 Health Care Programme Industrial area, Gazipur, Mirzapur, (Central region of Dhaka) Srimongol (Moulavibazar) 2001 until present BASA Health Fund (source: income from micro-credit schemes) View

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