Project Name :

Community Access Project Programme

Project area :

Upazilla Ghatail, District : Tangail

Project Duration :

2001 until present

Project Partner :


Background of the Project:

TheScope of this program is to establish women’s reproductive rights and theirability to prevent unintended pregnancy and to obtain safe abortion care. Itincludes, training and support to health systems; partnering withcommunity-based organizations, advocating for the liberalization of abortionlaws and improved abortion policies; and conducting policy- andprogram-relevant research on abortion. 

Thisprogram prioritize the needs of women specially young who faces unique barriersin accessing sexual and reproductive health information, care and who sufferdisproportionately from unsafe abortion. 

This program also linkscommunities to health systems, works to influences the broader socialenvironment, help reduce abortion stigma and increase women’s knowledge of howto use and access medical abortion.


 BASAconducted community dialogue meeting, stakeholder meeting, courtyard meeting,community care committee meeting, meeting with women with disabilities withdifferent stakeholder like married and unmarried men, women, health worker andshopkeepers, Faith base leaders regarding safe Menstrual regulation (MR), Postabortion Care ( PAC) in rural areas.

1000beneficiaries have been covered and trained

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2 Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) LAMA and Bandarban April 2010 till date Directorate of Women Affairs View
3 Maternity Allowance Programme, Directorate of Women Affairs Bandarban, Gazipur Jan 2008 to Dec 2014 Directorate of Women Affairs View
4 Community Access Project Programme Upazilla Ghatail, District : Tangail 2001 until present IPAS (USA) View

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