Project Name :

Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)

Outcome of the project (So far) : 

Till now 34.066 beneficiaries havebeen covered and trained.

VGD women are being graduated into the core developmentprogramme of NGO

Project area :

LAMA and Bandarban

Project Duration :

April 2010 till date

Project Partner :

Directorate of Women Affairs

Backgroundof the project:

The vulnerable group development programme is the largestsocial safety net programme of the Government of Bangladesh that  targets ultra poor households. To ensuresustainability of development result and to provide women with opportunities offurther improve their livelihoods VGD participants are mainstreamed into regularNGO development programmes.

The mainscope of this project is to improve the quality of life and to enhance theproductive income generating opportunities of Vulnerable Group development (VGDcard holder) women. The main components are : to provide life skill training onIncome Generating Activities as well as on Nutrition, Primary Health, HumanRights, AIDs, Reproductive Health, Gender, Environment issues etc.


Women are becoming aware  on Health, Nutrition as well as reproductivehealth issue through Various Awareness Building Workshops

Build the income –earning capacitiesof VGD women. 

Rural Women are socially empowered  through training on awareness raising,provision of training on variety of Income Generating Activities (IGA).

Established Credit Support Linking

1 BASA Health Care Programme Gazipur Continuing since June 2012 BASA View
2 Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) LAMA and Bandarban April 2010 till date Directorate of Women Affairs View
3 Maternity Allowance Programme, Directorate of Women Affairs Bandarban, Gazipur Jan 2008 to Dec 2014 Directorate of Women Affairs View
4 Community Access Project Programme Upazilla Ghatail, District : Tangail 2001 until present IPAS (USA) View

Faecal Sludge Management

shakhipur co-compost plant