Project Name :

Maternity Allowance Programme, Directorate of Women Affairs

Outcome of the Project:

 Mothers are becoming aware of access tovarious services including reproductive health care services and neonatal andantenatal care. 1111 beneficiaries have been covered.

Project area :

Bandarban, Gazipur

Project Duration :

Jan 2008 to Dec 2014

Project Partner :

Directorate of Women Affairs

Backgroundof the project:

Maternal and child mortality is high in thecountry. Still some 320 mothers die per thousand live births while the infantmortality rate is 150 per thousand live births. The maternity allowance canplay an important role in reducing malnutrition among the mother and childrenand thus reduce their death.

Under the maternity allowance project, mothers have beenreceiving the allowance from the beginning of their pregnancy; they can takenutritious food for their health. At the same time, they can save an amount fortheir check-up and for going to hospitals to ensure safe delivery. As a part ofthis project, various types of training are being organized for destitute womenon variety of Income Generating Activities along with provision of credit preand post natal care including basic health, nutrition and hygiene issues,education, family planning, and disaster management, demerits of dowry, earlymarriage and gender inequality.


Target women received capacity building and awareness programmesincluding basic health, child and adult (during the pregnancy) nutrition andpersonal hygiene issues, education, family planning among the target women.

Provide Credit and other support services to pregnant motherand  women and ultra poor women.

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