Bangladeshis a land of agriculture. Most of thefarmer of Bangladesh have been facing technical problem at field level due tolack of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Lack of Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) as well as unavailable market access. As a result their income is notincreasing at satisfactory level and poverty reduction is becoming a big issueor challenge for national development. Agriculture remains the principalsources of income of the rural  people.About 90% of the households are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculturefor their livelihood. The physical, biological and a variety of socialvulnerabilities limit the development of agriculture and livelihood of ruralcommunities presents a great challenge for the development efforts in the ruralcommunities.

To address these problems, Bangladesh Associationfor Social Advancement (BASA) is working various donors and implementingvarious agricultural development projects with in its working areas. 

Faecal Sludge Management

shakhipur co-compost plant