Agricultureremains the most important sector in the Bangladeshi economy. It is the lifeforce of her economy. It has been contributing 23.50% percent to the nationalGDP growth and providing employment for 62% percent of the total population.The agriculture sector is the single largest contributor to income andemployment generation and a vital element in the country’s challenge to achieveself-sufficiency in food production, reduce rural poverty and fostersustainable economic development. To improve productivity and increase incomesfrom farming to sustainable farm inputs & proven outputs and establish linkage with the Government organizations/Agriculture Ministry  throughcollaborative activities. 

Objectives of BASA (Agricultural program):

The overall objective of the project is in accordance with the Government Agricultural policy of increasing food production, fisheries, raise livestock and diversification of the present farming system so as to attain sustainable food security.

Componentof BASA (Agricultural program):

  • Agriculture and vegetable crop production.
  • Livestock development including beef fattening
  • Fisheries
  • Honey production and processing

1 Income generation of Beekeepers through Sustainable Beekeeping and Honey Production – A value chain Project. a) Tangail : Mirzapur, Shakhipur, Gopalpur, Bhuapur, Ghatail, Madhupur.
b) Gazipur : Gazipur Sadar, Sreepur, Kaliganj and Kapasia.
c) Sirajganj : Ullapara. d) Khulna : Kaira. e) Narayanganj : Sonargaon.
August 2016-July 2019 ( 3 Years) Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation (PKSF) under Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprises (PACE) Project. View
2 Ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods of smallholder farmers through beef fattening and dairy value chain enterprise in Belkuchi, Sirajgonj Belkuchi, Sirajgonj Nov 2010 Till date. Heifer international Bangladesh View

Faecal Sludge Management

shakhipur co-compost plant