Not only that in order to strengthen the skill level of young men andwomen BASA is providing Basic IT training and advanced courses to enable themto be self employed. Under this program a total of 125 youth have receivedBasic IT/ICT, 75 candidates on a multimedia and graphics and 175 on advance courses.BASA had an outsourcing team and they are working on different sites which aregiven bellow.

Objectivesof IT Training Program:

  1. Trained and developed them as skilled manpower to be a freelancer in IT/ICT sector;
  2. Exposed outsourcing capabilities in IT/ICT era into global market leading;
  3. Created a new job facilities in the global market and improve national awareness in all level; and
  4. Created master trainers in freelancer area to disseminate the training program in the grass root level.

    The Organization has a good financial background. It maintains proper transactions. In line with Govt. initiatives, Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA) as a development organization is giving emphasis inproviding computer education to the potential boys and girls in its work increasing. While doing so BASA realized that many of these youth could not takethis computer training for want of computers, considering this situation BASA has introduced

     Computer loans program and by now distributed 280 (Two hundred eighty)laptops to the potential youths in its working areas. These recipients are local school teachers, High school, and college and university students. BASA is the first NGO who took this initiative to enhance the capacities of this targeted group of people. We maintain short processing time for the loan and banks already to support us.

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