Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Over 43 years after independence in 1971 the health system of Bangladesh has gone through a number of reforms and established an extensive health infrastructure in the public and private sectors. Bangladesh has achieved impressive improvements in health sector. However, this is far below the need of the huge target population and some challenges for the health system remain critical especially in rural areas. BASA has contributed a lot in health sector through its various projects which started in 1994 through the technical and financial assistance of various donors. At present, BASA is implementing innovative programmes, such as community healthcare project, maternal and child health, family planning service, communicable diseases, Food Nutrition programmes, doorstep services through female service providers, installation of water-sealed sanitary latrines and arsenic-free tube wells etc. BASA is also implementing various types of campaign program like advocating WASH rights through Educational Institutions, awareness among adolescent girls and female teachers on menstrual hygiene at educational institution level and so on.

1 BASA Health Care Programme Gazipur Continuing since June 2012 BASA View
2 Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) LAMA and Bandarban April 2010 till date Directorate of Women Affairs View
3 Maternity Allowance Programme, Directorate of Women Affairs Bandarban, Gazipur Jan 2008 to Dec 2014 Directorate of Women Affairs View
4 Community Access Project Programme Upazilla Ghatail, District : Tangail 2001 until present IPAS (USA) View

Faecal Sludge Management

shakhipur co-compost plant