• 25 years grass-root work experience on social development issues in Bangladesh.
  • Social mobilization along with conducting Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
  • Community based Organization (CBOs) formation and supervision
  • 15 years direct work experience on community based health education and awareness issues (with special focus on HIV/AIDS).
  • 47 branch offices  in 14 districts  with 456 staff members 
  • Sound programme management and effective financial management structure.
  • 20 years sound experience of collaborative work with government and donor
  • Effective partnership, institutional coordination skills and leadership capability to lead any likeminded alliance
  • Sound training experience, skilled trainers and training set-up inside the organization.
  • Skills on construction and promotion of Ecosan Toilets.
  • Skills on forming of CBOs and its institutionalization.
  • Expertise on Market Development and building network linkage with market actor
  • Expertise on food processing like Tomato Catch-up & Juice production, Chatni making, Jam/Jelly preparation etc.
  • Expertise on Conducting Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
  • Skills on organizing and facilitating of awareness education sessions with Community and other Stakeholders
  • Skills on organizing and facilitating of Skills development Training for promotion of IGAs like Aquaculture, Kitchen gardening, Apiculture, Vermin Compos, Horticulture gardening, Mushroom production and other need based training like Water, Sanitation & Hygiene  promotion, Environmental Management, Credit management, Group Dynamics &  organizational Develop, Entrepreneurship Development Training and so on.
  • Well established Training campus with residential facilities for 60 participants of 8.1 acres of land at Pekua, Mirzapur, and another training centre in Gazipur Town.

Since its inception in 1991, BASA is advancing steadily towards achievements of its vision and mission for a better Bangladesh. In the process BASA is taking up numerous projects and activities which are often innovative and pioneering. Successful implementation of these projects is an endless source of inspiration for our future initiatives. We feel it as our important obligation to share our programs and performances with our well wishers, relevant government department, Development partners, stake holders and people with interest. With this objective in view we have developed our website, which I believe, will be of immense interest to those hope will observe our organization programs achievements and future thinking. The website is designed with updated whenever require for valued viewers. Any cooperation, suggestions and support to work will be highly appreciated