Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA) started Micro Finance Programme for poverty alleviation since 1991. BASA’s Micro Finance Programme covers poor and ultra poor . This programme is continuously expanding in various areas of its working area.The objective of this program is to reduce poverty and increase GDP, create job opportunities for unemployed men & women and empowerment of women for sustainable socio-economic development. BASA’s credit programme is operated through the fund of Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), member’s savings and self equity of BASA.Recently BASA is using bank loan at market rate to meet the increased demand of it's clients. Other livelihood support programme are being implemented by different social projects of BASA .

Specific Objectives of Micro Credit Programmes

  • Increase income of the member-beneficiaries.
  • To improve social status , through awareness development.
  • To involve women as economic performers in utilization of funds, increase savings and involving whole family in income generating activities.
  • Through proper using of loan increasing income level of the poor.
  • To create responsibility of each group members, generate income of poor families, improve leadership quality and also increase the professional skill.
  • Upgrading living standard of the poor families through creating employment opportunity of the rural poor.

Micro Finance of BASA

Jagoron (Rural Micro Credit Loan)
Agrasor (Micro Enterprise Loan)
Shufalan (Seasonal ,Agricultural Loan)
Buniud (Ultra Poor Program Loan)


Jagoron is a micro finance product especially designed to cater the poor. Loan limit: Up to Tk 5000-49000

Borrowers: 230797 Outstanding: Tk 351,585,787


Agrosor is a micro finance initiative to cater the middle income group, business persons and small and medium entrepreneurs. Loan limit: Up to Tk 50,000- 10,00,000 Borrowers: 48461 Outstanding: Tk 839,126,223


Buniad is a micro finance product with special features to serve the extreme poor. Loan limit : Up to Tk 5000-29000 Borrowers : 10121 Outstanding : Tk 11916992

Samriddhi program

The Samriddhi program which is also referred to as Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households Towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH), is an integrated development program being implemented by BASA since 2014 in partnership with Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). Samriddhi is currently implemented in Durgapur Union under KAPASIA, GAZIPUR.

PACE Project

To develop the honey sector ofBangladesh BASA is also implementing a project under PACE funded by PKSF. In this project 314 bee farmers and 4000 bee crop producers will be given training on bee farming as well as awareness on pollination so that the more and more people will be engage in honey production on the other hand due to pollination the production of crop will also increase


Shufalan is designed aiming to serve the seasonal needs of marginal and middle farmers. It is a loan designed mainly to promote seasonal agricultural crop production. Loan limit : Up to Tk 20,000-10,00,000 Borrowers : 56947 Outstanding : Tk 214,042,368

All office of Micro Finance

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